Leather Belts

The times, they are a-changin' - and so is our website!  And yet, like so many other things in Ogunquit, the new is strongly intertwined with the old; we've decided to feature our leather belts prominently on the webpage in a nod to a our hippie leather store origins.  Forty-five years ago, Tom and Carol made custom leather belts, sandals, handbags, sheepskin coats, and even a chamois bikini or two.  Thirty years later, when they had stopped carrying leather and moved into jewelry and glass, many customers wondered where they could get a replacement belt, because theirs "finally wore out after twenty-five years!"  When Tom retired from working at the shipyard he decided to get back into working with leather, and he has begun by reviving his most popular and distinctive belt styles. A belt is an excellent gift, a sophisticated yet simple way to treat yourself, and just a really good way to keep your pants from falling down. Enjoy!
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