A Winter's Tale

There was a time when we took the sign off the store after Columbus Day, emptied the cases, boarded up the windows, and bid farewell to the Cove until April.  Once we got our little Rinnai heater installed we started stretching the season on the weekends, and although Carol's toes still got all icy standing on those cold concrete floors, we stayed open through Christmas, and even a little beyond, then took a little break to regroup before opening up again before Valentine's Day.  

Now here we are, all modern, and we've just installed a couple of schmancy new heat pumps.  While we still plan to take a break in January, our fingers won't be so cold and we might be more willing to stay in our cozy little shop for a few more hours, so we're on to a new venture - a more functional website that we can better manage ourselves.  That will give us something to do while we wait for your visit - and when we're closed for our annual January hibernation (or for those snow squalls that are on their way) it will give *you* something to do - browse our new site, check back for updates, and shop from the comfort of your own cozy hibernation spot. 

We're always interested in what you think, so please be in touch with any ideas for things you'd like to see more of from Swamp John's on the interwebs.  


Carol & Tom Young